Mark Scott Commercial Construction is committed to your project well before day one.  We invite you to explore our array of construction services.  By reading a bit more about us you’ll discover we can help you build your business from the initial idea to the ribbon cutting; or, for the established organizations, value is found from our facilities services to our full building renovation / construction.

  • Pre-Construction Services
    MS Commercial Construction builds strong long-lasting relationships with its clients because its construction teams invest ample time in pre-lease and pre-construction consulting.

    We provide a full range of services from site/construction feasibility and due diligence studies to early budgeting and scheduling in order to determine the economic feasibility of a given project.  In fact, early involvement between the general contractor and the project team allows for accurate budgeting, value engineering and detailed scheduling, giving decision makers a greater confidence level for real estate and development planning. 

  • Bidding and Subcontractor Award Process
    As your advocate, we make it our goal to get the best value in terms of cost and quality.  We will create an extremely competitive bidding environment amongst prequalified subcontractors. Those contractors will be issued a specified scope of work to bid from, ensuring that all are held to the same standards and all prices are delivered in accordance with the defined scope and specifications.  We will manage and hold subcontractors accountable to their commitments in in time, quality and money.

    Because of the volume of work that MS Commercial Construction manages throughout the greater Bay Area, we are fortunate to have a wide range of qualified subcontractors from which we may  choose; subcontractors that have a proven track record for their delivery and value.

  • Scheduling Methods and Tools
    All pertinent team members are involved in the creation of the schedule and the exercise is most often led by the project superintendent. This, along with gathering data from key subcontractors, ensures a meticulously crafted timeline.

    The procurement of all materials, including lead times and prices, will be transferred into the pre-construction phase of the master schedule and the team will carefully track the pertinent items.

  • Material Management & Early Procurement
    MS Commercial Construction’s management philosophy is to identify the long lead items of a given project and to purchase those items as quickly as possible.  On a ‘fast track’ project it is imperative to identify those items immediately.  By identifying the items in question, we are able to coordinate with the manufacturer/supplier and hold them responsible for a definitive delivery date. 

  • Project Management
    Vision, detail and commitment to the project team are all driving forces to successful project management. Construction is a dynamic business – change happens. We manage change proactively by forecasting and predicting the dynamics that will affect a project.  The project manager (PM) will guide the construction process from pre-construction and design development to successful completion and close-out.  The PM’s responsibilities include pre-construction budgeting, subcontractor qualification and procurement, and competitive bidding and management of the budget.  The PM will direct the Office/Architect/Contractor (OAC) meetings and will also oversee completion of the punch list and the close-out documents.

  • Field Supervision
    Both the Project Superintendent and the General Superintendent/Chief Safety Officer will manage the daily logistics of the project to ensure successful completion.  Their core commitments will be to develop and execute a project schedule for all phases, maintain a safe and clean work environment, coordinate details of construction, and implement and maintain quality control.  They will also foster communications with the owner’s vendor team to ensure their active participation and cooperation throughout the project.

  • Safety Program
    At MS Commercial Construction, our employees are truly teammates.  That’s why we take their safety very seriously.  Their physical welfare is non-negotiable.  There are incentives and rewards for those who comply with our safety program, and there are strict discipline policies followed for those who do not.  We are proud to boast that our Experience Modification Rate is calculated by the insurers at .XX%,which signifies our strong track record (anything below 1.0% is considered favorable) of zero incidents to date.

    MS Commercial Construction employs a safety officer to oversee the safety procedures practiced by the project superintendents and subcontractors.  Tony Gasparini, our chief safety officer, is largely focused on ensuring that our policies and procedures are being followed on all job sites, not only by MS Commercial Construction personnel but also by the subcontractors and visitors to the sites.  It is the responsibility of the chief safety officer to conduct regular safety meetings and training sessions.  MS Commercial Construction has a full Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), supported by Cal/OSHA Guide for the Construction Industry.

  • Project Close Out
    MS Commercial Construction will provide sample close out documentation from previously completed projects during the interview process which will demonstrate our attention to detail.  Below is a list of standard close out documents.

    • Directory/Business Cards
    • Warranty Letters
    • OEM/Manuals
    • Signed Job Cards
    • As Built Documentation
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Sprinklers
    • Permit Drawings