About MS Commercial

Mark Scott Commercial Construction is a designated division of Mark Scott Construction, Inc., focusing solely on performing construction services for the non-residential construction sector.

Mark Scott Construction, Inc was established in 1989 in Northern California.Owner Mark Scott’s initial intention was to create a company that handledthe repair and restoration of local property through insurance claimsdepartments. Overtime, the company has evolved into one of the premierecontractors in the country.

After more than a decade of ever-growing success within the insurance industry, Mr. Scott found that the company was performing similar services for commercial property which has led to many strong relationships and repeat business. Recognizing that commercial construction and residential construction require different skill sets, a division was created by drafting seasoned industry professionals who would focus their efforts purely on the non-residential side of the business.

Today, with hundreds of projects valued at tens of millions of dollars, MS Commercial Construction is a separate operating entity within the Mark Scott family of businesses. Overtime, MS Commercial Construction has developed strong and loyal relationships which have launched the company into the mainstream commercial construction market throughout the Greater Bay Area and most metropolitan markets in Northern California.

Mark Scott has earned great respect throughout the industry. Over his four decades in the business, he has consistently delivered a quality product with integrity. And he is always looking ahead, forecasting trends in the industry in an effort to pioneer and create new construction techniques.